Cameron / Christopher Reyher and ShawnZone was more of the concerning issue as Reyher had been the pursuant of ShawnZone from the app, where they had developed a close intimate relationship where Reyher called the shots, and there was evidence in Shawn’s data that Reyher had been abusive to Shawn, and this is what they want an explanation for.  Morris went on to say that Shawn is owed an explanation.


Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher  Fraud Scandal in FilmsCrewBand, ShawnZone GONE
By Kurt Parker

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Friday’s Warner Music presser hosted by Julie Gordon tried and failed to quash the Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher scandal that overtook FilmsCrewBand causing all operations to screech a halt over a week ago as the rumor mill continues to spread despite  FilmsCrewBand’s dashing bassist Levi pinning the band’s official statement, or FilmsCrewBand spokesperson Tom Morris attempts to quell the scandal which has now gotten out of the confines of music outlets and onto the web at large despite the band themselves asking their audience’s patience, issuing an apology, the spreading scandal seems to have nothing to do with the band who hasn’t updated their site for 3 weeks, but with instigators gone rabid by the broadcasts of Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher.

Christopher Reyher Cameron Reyher ShawnZone FilmsCrewBand @cameronthegreat
ShawnZone Shawn Kyle Walker Warner Promo photo July FilmsCrewBand

After a 3 week delay Warner Chappell UK shipped 15,000 sold out units of  APARNEOMAI the limited edition double vinyl set by Films Crew. 5,000 sets on clear collage vinyl and 10,000 sets on 3D clear vinyl, sold out far before ship date.  All pressings stamped by the band and numbered are on audiophile quality 180 gram Japanese vinyl.  Warner rep Julie Gordon said at today’s Tuesday presser, the 5,000 collage clear vinyl pressings have a “Slightly different track listing”, possibly an extra track though the pressing seems tight for space since the with all 9 tracks clocking in between 7 to 11 minutes.  While FilmsCrewBand has generously streamed some choice deeply mysterious lengthy moments from ‘Aparneomai’ from their website and they are indeed pieces to the puzzle of what we are to understand, meant to be listened to with Aaron’s Levi’s, Shawn’s, Andrew’s, and Christopher’s written commentary on the site, the vinyl release is immersive, expansive, a puzzle.  As we said last time, FilmsCrewBand is mood, about the night, things that happen in the night to explore in a poly-rhythmic sonic awakening of the senses to understand and bring light t the shadow self, in a mastery of musicianship and welcoming.  And FilmsCrewBand are taking us on a journey of understanding ourselves.  The title of the album took us by surprise, ‘Aparneomai’ is Greek for ‘In Denial’ further down ‘Ana Stigma’, translation, ‘In Denial of Stigmas’, and Films Crew explores it in depth.  This is FilmsCrewBand at their most musically adventurous, heaviest, psychedelic, and emotional. The entire album was written by the swoon worthy ShawnZone and adora-drummer Aaron Housos James, with scant credits to the svelte Levi D Wall.


The ‘Aparneomai’ release starts out with a heavy atmospheric track Memorium that sets the somber mood for the journey we are taking here, leading into an 11 minute version of Syndrome, with Andrew Self and ShawnZone both on vocals, followed by Sensoria Spectrum, taking us out of uncertainty of Syndrome into a jarring panic of highly sychopated intensity for 9 minutes. Leading us into the  8:30s cryptic Blackmailer, re-written from last years’ tour, followed up with the Prologue to ‘Denial is the Betrayal with the Broadest Shoulders’ at 9:27s, this is a continuation of the original track from ‘Narcissus Echos’, leading into the 11:21s Stigmatized where ShawnZone is more apparent vocally, followed by 8:11s for Crying To Crisis, possibly the most beautiful and accessible Films Crew track to date, done their way, leading us into 7:27s of ‘Fraud’, rounding out the album with the Epilogue to ‘Denial is the Betrayal with the Broadest Shoulders’ at 10:29s, not echoing the ‘Epilogue’ but building on the theme where Kurt echoes ShawnZone in the repetition of the lyric “Taste my wrath”.  FilmsCrewBand’s Aparneomai (Ana Stigma) is a masterpiece in the vein of Tool’s Lateralus, but Films Crew steps up the game here, blending genres of Progressive, Post, Math, and Psychedelic Metal, with themes of Jungian symbolism in what appears to be a concept album woven together with great care to be listened to on their terms.  They have musically taken pages from film director David Lynch’s playbook and applied it to their craft, where you have to pay attention to the details to get the benefit of the experience.  It’s very apparent why they took this route of release, and it hasn’t slipped passed anyone that this is a cliff-hangar release with 2019-2020 references throughout the cryptic and enigmatic printed material, and that it is a 2018 release.  This is far more than we were expecting, this is art.

In the credits we have ShawnZone Kyle Walker, guitars, basses, sound design, percussion, vocal, keyboards, producer.  With Aaron Housos James, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, vocal.  Aparneomai (Ana Stigma) was entirely written by the former power couple, and mostly played by them.  Levi Dennis Wall, bass, visuals.  Andrew Self, vocal, guitar, keyboards.  Kurt Vogl, vocal, additional drums, percussion. Chris Sweeney, mastering.   There are extensive notes which point back to the FilmsCrewBand website entries over the last year, all very cryptic, and the web address for the private section of the site which you have to be a member of to access, not that this has been a secret for those in the know,  Warner rep Julie Gordon indicated there would be more limited runs, and that the band was trying to make arrangements for those who could not afford the steep 150 Euro price tag to get their hands on these intense platters, keeping in mind they will only be in limited edition runs.

christopher p reyher cameron reyher levi d wall @cameronthegreat
Levi D Wall skeptical as ever at Tuesday’s Warner presser, calling for patience during the Christopher Reyher Scandal of which he says is “Christopher’s responsibility to come forward and leave cruelty behind, we love you”.

FilmsCrewBand’s release of Aparneomai (Stigma) has been marred by the ongoing scandal of Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher, with FilmsCrewBand remaining completely quiet about it except for an apology and a plea for patience and understanding by their audience from the gymnastic bassist Levi, and a cryptically heart wrenching puzzle left by ShawnZone, it makes us wonder if Cameron / Cristopher Reyher   played a part in the difficult subject material of this Films Crew release.  Ford Model and one of FilmsCrewBand’s spokesperons, Tom Morris was on hand at Tuesday’s Warner presser, fielding to select music outlets again.  Tom made it clear that ShawnZone’s seemingly on again off again hinting at leaving Films Crew had been taken out of context, he had experienced the death of 2 family members last year, one after the tour, while dealing with his grieving he was immersed in his internship program at school while recording for months with Aaron.  Morris stated the band, ShawnZone’s family were skeptical of Cameron / Christopher Reyher being able to obtain the access to ShawnZone that he did, and all are on record stating that Shawn did not pursue this relationship, Reyher did, full knowing how vulnerable ShawnZone was after these traumatic events.  Morris also stated that Aaron was present during this period when ShawnZone and Cameron / Christopher Reyher became extraordinarily close.  Morris also stated that it had been no joke when Shawn had referred to himself as a novelty, further stating in his position he become a target for  people taking advantage of him, that if there is is an altruist out there it is Shawn.  Morris went on to say that Reyher had in fact stated to Aaron and Levi that he loved Shawn and would never hurt him and that they were having a hard time making any sense of it Cameron / Cristopher Reyher’s actions.  When asked about Reyher’s identity fraud, Morris stated that the band wasn’t at all concerned about that, noting that Christopher Reyher should have given them a heads up when Reyher wanted his own website.  Cameron / Christopher Reyher repeatedly referred to his website in his broadcasts.  Morris went on to state that the day Christopher Reyher blocked ShawnZone’s phone was when the band learned of Reyher’s identity fraud, he was under obligation to inform their management, who’s legal team demanded all of the blonde bombshell ShawnZone’s data, from cell phone records to personal files, Morris went on to say that Shawn probably felt violated, but this was for his own safety, and the band had access to these files.  Morris indicated Reyher had sent Levi a message with Christopher Reyher stating that he wasn’t playing some elaborate game, “If that’s not the case we would like to know the truth”.  Tom Morris went on to illustrate with the help of Aaron’s past few months of updates, that Reyher thought it crucial for Daniel Lukas to have a restraining order taken out on him by Shawn, Morris indicated this was more of a demand, according to Aaron, who is also refusing to speak with anyone.  Morris went on to state that Aaron was completely distraught as he considered Reyher an important advisor, and that Aaron had retreated feeling betrayed,

Morris further stated that the relationship between Cameron / Christopher Reyher and ShawnZone was more of the concerning issue as Reyher had been the pursuant of ShawnZone from the app, where they had developed a close intimate relationship where Reyher called the shots, and there was evidence in Shawn’s data that Reyher had been abusive to Shawn, and this is what they want an explanation for.  Morris went on to say that Shawn is owed an explanation, and if he does not get one, it is likely the band’s management will either be in contact with Reyher’s family or pursue legal action against the band’s wishes.  Morris went on to say that Shawn had indeed left, and cut off contact with the band, with no one knowing exactly where he was, “NYC is a big place and Shawn was beside himself with hurt, and only Christopher Reyher can bring about change there, Reyher should have a long talk with Shawn, Reyher should know Shawn is not one to get angry”.  Morris also understood that Reyher is likely frightened without reason, “Reyher knows that Shawn loves him, and Reyher had stated he loved Shawn and wanted to live with him, if Reyher could put his panic aside unblock Shawn’s phone and call him, we could get back to normal”.  Morris said that if the entire matter was a hoax on Reyher’s part, his family would be contacted or charges filed, or both, the matter will be taken out of their hands if Reyher doesn’t speak up.

Christopher Reyher Cameron Reyher scandal @cameronthegreat chris reyher
Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher @camermonthegreat of FilmsCrewBand, the center of the scandal an emotional blow to ShawnZone

When asked about Daniel Lukas’ role in the Cameron / Christopher Reyher psychodrama, Morris stated that Lukas had been cooperative, though the members of the band and management had only spoken to Lukas briefly, and Lukas was obviously not in contact with Shawn.  Morris stated that the band’s website had received email claiming that FilmsCrewBand had outed Cameron / Christopher Reyher’s identity. where as before the incident the site had received email claiming Reyher was engaged in fraud.  Morris stated he had not spoken to Lukas, but it is obvious that Lukas had outed Cameron / Christopher Reyher’s identity in January if not before then, his website indicates Lukas knew of Cameron / Christopher Reyher’s identity for almost a year.  And it was Morris’ understanding that a far-right conservative broadcaster anonymously known as @frenchguy1 had known of Cameron / Christopher Reyher’s identity fraud in December, having broadcast it.  With this information out there about Reyher’s identity for over half a year, Reyher’s reaction to it is like the pot calling the kettle black.  Going back into Daniel Lukas’ archives, Lukas had indeed revealed the truth about Reyher.  And Lukas was not the only one, some small web hosters had single page websites dating back to October of 2016 had outed Christopher / Cameron Reyher’s identity.  Daniel Lukas had made reference to the far-right Gays for Trump movement taking responsibility for those sites via email.  Lukas made some astonishing claims, that during May his Twitter account had been suspended, while Morris indicated FilmsCrewBand’s Twitter account had been reported during the same time period which Lukas attributes to one Krista Kumpf, who Lukas has stated allegedly wanted to do away with ShawnZone because of Cameron / Christopher Reyher’s involvement with him.  Tom Morris confirmed that Aaron had stated the approaching middle-age Krista Kumpf had blocked all members of FilmsCrewBand on the Periscope app and Twitter, when Kumpf had followed them all.

Daniel Lukas had recently updated his websites to include apologies to FilmsCrewBand including a thorough confession of his role in the matter which is somewhat minor, Lukas states that he tried to indicate to Cameron / Christopher Reyher that not only he knew of his fraudulent identity, only to be subject to online trolling by Reyher, so he took to emailing the FilmsCrewBand website, then later tampering with the website. Films Crew  Spokesperson Tom Morris was aware of the emails and indicated the band believed only one of the emails had originated from the far-right Gays for Trump movement.  Morris stated that the website has been inundated with emails regarding Cameron / Christopher Reyher scandal, further stating any threats to the band or Reyher have been handed over to the authorities.  While Daniel Lukas has apologized and given a thorough confession to FilmsCrewBand publicly, he also has his own questions that he wants answered as to how Cameron / Christopher Reyher is allowed to get away with his alleged unstable behavior, or manipulated behavior as Lukas puts it.  Lukas stated his original intent was never to pursue ShawnZone, and that he understood his pain, hoping the situation is resolved.

Christopher Reyher Lutz Florida chris reyher cameron reyher shawnzone
ShawnZone promo photo courtesy Warner, July, as good as he looks, in his eyes the affect of Christopher Reyher are there

Spokesperson Tom Morris stated that FilmsCrewBand’s management had demanded the band stay off of social media, Morris indicating the chameleon time machine Aaron would likely be the most difficult to reign in due to his study of the ultra far-rightwing extremist group the Alt-Right, which he is highly critical of.  We spoke to to confirm our earlier statements on these matters, Periscope still stands behind their earlier statements they gave us.  FilmsCrewBand’s official statement on their website seems almost apologetic to Cameron / Christopher Reyher, in that they want a resolution and Morris confirmed Reyher was still considered in the bands ultra exclusive inner circle.  Morris stated that the band, their management’s legal team had been working to see that nothing negative is said about Reyher, sending out cease and desist orders to several music blogs, and in some cases take down orders under the DMCA in an effort to protect Reyher from undue attention.  Morris again stated that the band or or specifically ShawnZone and Reyher needed to have an open dialogue, otherwise it will be out of both of their hands.

Morris also indicated Christopher Reyher had complete access to FilmsCrewBand’s website, and having administrator power, he could remove anything he desired, Morris further stated that with addition of Reyher’s website within theirs, that Shawn had given Reyher parity in the website as a percentage owner.

Nothing has been heard of the swoon worthy shred master ShawnZone for almost 3 weeks, he is thought to be in NYC or Long Island, Morris stated.  Morris had no comment as to whether Shawn Kyle Walker, ShawnZone knew of Christopher Reyher’s identity, stating that Shawn will always do what ever makes Christopher happy,  That plans were on hold for any fall shows including CMJ due to the events that have transpired, Morris stated that if there was a resolution it could be likely, he further stated when he last spoke to Shawn almost 3 weeks ago, it was like Shawn had lost another member of his family in Reyher when Reyher blocked his phone.

This Christopher Reyher phone blocking and refusal to deal with his own responsibilities seems childish and unbalanced to us.

Morris indicated Shawn might speak to one member of the press for an interview, and it was an odd choice.  We hope both Shawn and Christopher come back into the fold.  FilmsCrewBand’s Aparneomai (Ana Stigma) is a masterful achievement that has been overshadowed by Christopher Reyher.

IF you have information, contact us through our Tumblr

or kurtparkervv / at /

Link To FilmsCrewBand’s Official Statement

Link To ShawnZone’s Last Words

Link To Daniel Lukas’ Confession

Link To Christopher Reyher’s Site

Courtesy Village Voice


Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher’s truly disturbing role of disruption and destruction in the inner circle of Films Crew is astounding, we have never heard of such unexplainable behavior.  Clearly the members of FilmsCrewBand have been victimized here.

Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher  Fraud Scandal in FilmsCrewBand, ShawnZone GONE
By Kurt Parker

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Updated to include July Warner press photo of ShawnZone, updated to reflect new information, and corrections.

christopher reyher cameron reyher lutz florida filmscrewband shawnzone
ShawnZone Walker appearing despondent after Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher scandal at event before ShawnZone’s disappearance

On the eve of FilmCrewBand’s upcoming limited edition vinyl release Warner Music Rep Julie Gordon explained the release will be postponed due to a conflict involving a possible fraud perpetrated by a Christopher Reyher.  At the Tuesday release presser Gordon stated that much of the band’s upheaval during the last 9 months had been caused by an individual who had lured members of Films Crew, chiefly ShawnZone Walker offline through the app, into an intimate relationship representing himself as one Cameron Reyher from a Periscope account Borat, @cameronthegreat, and indeed upon inspection broadcast replays, it’s indeed confounding.  The Village Voice downloaded several hours worth of Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher maniacal political rants where he claims to be Cameron Reyher for further inspection.  Cameron Reyher first appeared on Films Crew’s website almost a year ago, under the name Cameron Drawmer shortly before switching to Cameron Reyher, according to the listed Periscope account the individual in question confirms himself as Cameron Reyher. A simple Google search proves this not to be the case, revealing Cameron Reyher had been posing as a relative and in actuality is Christopher P Reyher.  Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher of Florida, has had a political section on Films Crew’s website since last December, now listed as Christopher Reyher. In fact on careful inspection of the band’s labyrinth of a website, there is now known instance of the name Cameron, only Christopher.  Warner Rep Julie Gordon stated Films Crew had no knowledge Cameron Reyher was an identity impersonation by Christopher Reyher and planned to keep him in the FilmsCrewBand fold, completely ignoring Cameron Christopher Reyher’s beyond strange impersonation, stating the band required an explanation from Reyher on an unrelated matter and that the label and the band’s management legal team were in damage control mode.  Outspoken modelesque bassist Levi D Wall released a formal statement on the band’s website Monday.

Updated:  Levi D Wall’s statement reflects sentiments of Aaron Housos James and Andrew Self directly, spokesman Tom Morris says the statement reflects the sentiment of the band as a whole, “They just want an explanation for the treatment of ShawnZone Walker, if not to the whole band, Shawn deserves one, and their management will make sure he gets one”.  In what we see as irony, Levi premiered a new FilmsCrewBand track ironically titled Fraud as a preview for the upcoming album along with the band’s official statement.  Morris said the track written by ShawnZone was an indication of his foreknowledge of this type of event happening.

Updated: when contacted did confirm the @cameronthegreat account in question was attached to several different accounts from the same devices.  Not that this is strictly against their policy, it is however discouraged as is cracking down on this sort of abuse due to trolling.  After examination of several hours of downloaded video, Christopher Reyher had identified himself as Cameron Reyher on several occasions, even showing family photos.

Updated:  7-26:  It had been pointed out to us that Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher may have chosen the @cameronthegreat name due to a feud with a conservative Periscope Broadcaster @frenchguy1, however confirmed the @cameronthegreat account predates @frenchguy1, who remains anonymous unlike Reyher, who clearly identified himself as Cameron Reyher.  Other accounts of Reyher’s, on review, reveal altogether different sides of Reyher, complete with bongs and an almost crude hip-hop attitude, far from the pseudo-intellectual self-styled pompously arrogant amateur left wing Rush Limbaugh identity Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher has a vast library of.  Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher indeed states he does have a website in his broadcasts, despite two people we’ve heard from that state it isn’t, however FilmCrewBand spokesperson Tom Morris indicates Reyher had asked FilmsCrewBand for the Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher website, which indeed does exist. Reyher had indicated he had this website several times during his argumentatively self-righteously inflated broadcasts.  Morris also indicated all activities for FilmsCrewBand had ground to a halt due to this scandal, Morris also indicated sexy shred master ShawnZone has not been reachable by the rest of Films Crew for over two weeks, again citing Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher’s psychodrama as the cause, as Reyher had stated they were in a relationship.  Meanwhile an unconfirmed account of a video assistant to FilmsCrewBand appeared, with a separate accounting of the Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher saga, however Morris could not confirm that the individual worked with Films Crew, stating that all of their work is done between the collective.  Morris also stated that FilmsCrewBand’s management had begun issuing cease and desist as well as take down orders for other sites attempting to cover the Reyher issue.

Updated:  An unconfirmed source, stated that Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher has opened yet another account, leaving behind both his @cameronthegreat accounts, so that he can’t be found by former followers to answer allegations against him in response to Daniel Lukas leaking Reyher’s identity some 7 months ago.  This psychodrama can only be described as childish, or the act of an unstable individual, we’ve contacted for confirmation, since people have come forward with contradictory and outrageous claims about Reyher.

Longtime intermittent intermediary spokesperson for the ever enigmatic FilmsCrewBand
, Tom Morris spoke to select music outlets stating the band held no grievance towards Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher over his identity deception, that the band understood, realizing Reyher (who is still within the band’s ultra-private inner circle), must be in a state of panic, wanted an open dialogue with Reyher stating their issue wasn’t the possible legal ramifications of misrepresentation, their issue was with Christopher Reyher’s treatment of FilmsCrewBand’s blonde bombshell guitarist ShawnZone, whom Reyher according to the band through spokesperson Tom Morris, was ShawnZone’s boyfriend, further stating Christopher Reyher had pledged his love to and had planned to live with.  According to Morris, the band’s management, the band’s label, as well as the band demanded all of ShawnZone’s data Sunday where it was determined that Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher had indeed been the pursuant of enigmatic swoon worthy guitarist for nearly a year.  Morris went on to state that according to hunky FilmsCrewBand drummer Aaron, that Reyher had blocked ShawnZone’s phone and Aaron’s phone as well, describing Aaron as distraught, as the drummer considered Reyher as important advisor to him.  When asked, Tom Morris said that there was something more important at stake as far as Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher was concerned, and these were allegations of abuse by Reyher for which the band wants an explanation of.  Morris further stated if they do not get an explanation and reparations, the band’s management and label is likely to file charges against Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher against the band’s wishes if these very reasonable conditions aren’t met.  Morris incidentally stated that the band had contacted Black Metal musician Daniel Lukas, requesting any and all data he had pertaining to the matter, in which Lukas had been cooperative.   Morris went on to state that their may have been an instigator behind Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher, a possible middle-aged woman going by the name Krista Kumpf.  Tom Morris also stated that there is social media data obtained from Lukas allegedly suggest Krista Kumpf may have intended some type of ill-intent to 3 FilmsCrewBand members, specifically targeting the sexy shred master ShawnZone Walker.  Spokesperson Tom Morris had no comment as to the swoon worthy  guitarist ShawnZone breaking his silence with a cryptic yet heartbreakingly revealing update of mysterious sounding abuse to him on his own web page on Monday, other than “Shawn has been a victim of something we need to have explained by Reyher”.  Morris also noted that ShawnZone had disappeared from NYC, cut off communications with the band, only leaving some type of coordinates in his website update.  Morris said he will keep updates on Nathan Nevitt’s former part of the website.  As of July 18, Morris updated us that ShawnZone has had no contact with the band in over a week, his whereabouts are unknown.

The more vocal of FilmsCrewBand’s longtime spokespersons, Amanda, has had no comment.  FilmsCrewBand’s only controversies to date have been their public disputes with their UK record and publishing label, major Warner Chappell UK over product control, Aaron’s and Shawn’s rather public break up, Nathan Nevitt’s continued haunting of the band’s website, and an orchestrated hack against the band’s website a month after the 2016 election by far right wing extremists.  Films Crew has had a consistent reputation of being the clean cut, no drama, genuinely nice, not to mention hot guys who keep a low profile in the industry, completely focussed on their enigmatic art as skilled musicians and composers of athletic intellectualism.  Films Crew and their side music projects defy normal description, they are mood, FilmsCrewBand is about the night, things that happen and to explore in the night in a poly-rhythmic atmosphere to expand consciousness and awareness, in a blur of staggering musicianship and sonic experimentation and psychological philosophy, that believes the world can be a better place through understanding and advocacy.  Their refusal to be a front facing act results from the assault of a sudden celebrity placed on them coinciding with their first release when they were all 18, at which they threatened to walk out on their label who relented giving them their room to further explore their musical art,  This has had the benefit of giving FilmsCrewBand a stellar reputation, also a band that is clean, never seeking out scandal, but now scandal has come to them.  The scandal of Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher is clearly not one of FilmsCrewBand’s making and does require an explanation from Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher.

Films Crew’s limited edition double vinyl package was set for release July 14, which label reps have said sold out long before shipping date, which the band has yet to release even the title of.  The WMG presser Tuesday hosted by Julie Gordon displayed the intensive 3D packaging, on optically collaged clear 180 gram Japanese pressed vinyl, included is a DVD with footage of Films Crew and their Peyrony Project’s 2016 tour. 15,000 units are waiting to be shipped, the other explanation given for delay was a typographical error on the inner sleeve, which would normally go unnoticed though it appears this may have something to do with Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher.  The price tag was a whopping 150 Euros.  Another pressing is expected.  The tracks Crying To Crisis and Syndrome have achieved Top 20 status on the heavily DRM’ed French and German streaming behemoth Deezer, it you are outside of those regions you are out of luck.  However 3 different versions of Crying To Crisis are streaming on the FilmsCrewBand’s website.

The surreal situation surrounding Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher’s truly disturbing role of disruption and destruction in the inner circle of Films Crew is astounding, we have never heard of such unexplainable behavior.  Clearly the members of FilmsCrewBand have been victimized here.  While we dismissed Daniel Lukas originally, it appears that this is what the Black Metal musician and sometimes hacker was trying to say.  Lukas currently has stated that Reyher might take out a restraining order against members of the band, when it is clear, that Reyher should be the target of a restraining order, Reyher clearly brought this on himself.  Lukas also stated that Reyher demanded FilmsCrewBand’s ShawnZone to take out a restraining order against Lukas for stalking ShawnZone, which the spokesperson for Films Crew, Tom Morris, stated that it was not stalking, Morris stated the two barely knew each other, seeing each other at a Starbucks on occasion, pointing to Aaron’s site updates in which Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher wanted Lukas out of a non-existent picture, because it was obvious Lukas knew of Reyher’s identity.  Spokesperson Tom Morris stated the band was not upset with Reyher over this deception, that an explanation was demanded for Reyher’s treatment of who we can only assume is ShawnZone Walker.  Aaron’s website updates over the past year are a golden encapsulation of what has transpired.

As of July 23rd ShawnZone’s whereabouts are still unknown, in an update from spokesperson Tom Morris, the band is very concerned and to his knowledge no one had heard from Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher

If anyone has actual information on the events surround Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher or the disappearance of ShawnZone, please contact me through Tumblr

Link to ShawnZone’s Silence Breaking Update

Link to FilmsCrewBand’s Levi’s Official Statement

Link to Daniel Lukas’ Statement

Link to Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher’s website

Link to Tom Morris (FilmsCrewBand Spokesperson) Statement

Courtesy Village Voice

ShawnZone Walker, Warner press photo July alleged victim of Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher

ShawnZone Walker, Warner press photo July alleged victim of Christopher Reyher / Cameron Reyher

Photo of alleged Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher @cameronthegreat scandal perpetrator.  Courtesy confirms the individual holds a multitude of accounts, and that it is not unusual for certain challenged individuals to leave their Periscope / Twitter accounts in place, starting completely new lives with new names, leaving their current acquaintances behind none the wiser that they have invented a new life.  Periscope / Twitter sees this in psychologically challenged types

An example of one of many of Reyher’s Periscope Link

christopher reyher aka cameron reyher @cameronthegreat
Christopher Reyher misrepresenting himself as Cameron Reyher on causes scandal within ShawnZone & FilmsCrewBand

Cameron Reyher / Christopher Reyher @cameronthegreat



By Kurt Parker

Leaked from a Warner A&R rep late Thursday, FilmsCrewBand’s adora-drummer deluxe Aaron Housos James has been quietly recording a second solo effort with his former power couple heart throb bandmate Shawn Zone at the helm producing, lending his golden hand in the co-writing and playing with other members of Films Crew.  The chameleon time keeper Aaron shelved all but a single from his first solo effort which wasn’t up to snuff with high standards of his efforts with his bandmates, this time out he takes Films Crew which may make this an official Films Crew Release.  What we know, at a pre-NXNE panel week, the boy we swoon over Shawn Zone along with newbie Andrew Self, when debuting the upcoming Films Crew limited edition in a closed door insider session, the bomb was dropped about Aaron’s solo release and from what we’ve been able to gather it should be a FilmsCrewBand release under a different name.  What we know, Films Crew with Aaron are working under the name Symposis 0 and our Warner source told us that the album is titled Redemption dealing with themes of redemption, and that heart of the controls is sexy shred master Shawn Zone.  With details on Redemption still being sparse, a Warner A&R rep told The Village Voice the album consists of eight lengthy tracks written by Aaron and Shawn and hammered out by all members of Films Crew, the release is expected to drop early 2018 with a limited edition vinyl release to test the waters, note; all Films Crew limited edition releases have always sold out before ship date.

Films Crew Band’s psychedelic progressive post-metal masterpiece Crying To Crisis  from the upcoming Stigmatized vinyl limited edition hit the French and German streaming behemoth Deezer last Tuesday premiering at 19 and 17 respectively garnering over 600,000 streams within 3 days, quite the feat, with no social media promotion for the heavily digitally rights managed network, not in these regions, out of luck for now, though it can be streamed from the band’s site for a brief period.  A Warner managing official hinted the label waging a tug of war with Films Crew over the label’s push for a radio ready single which Films Crew is at odds with.  Crying To Crisis debuted April 10 as a personal message from Shawn to apparently very close and cozy Films Crew mate Cameron Reyher is set to be a mammoth single for FilmsCrewBand in Eurozone, it defies genre, thanks go out to Cameron Reyher for being the inspiration for what’s becoming a mainstream hit by the reluctant reclusive Films Crew.  Now if only ShawnZone would reappear on his section of his site, his insight has been missed.  Not to downplay Aaron’s wordplay, he has become a millennial voice, an often talked about must read even for people who don’t listen to Films Crew.  The Village Voice was also told that double kick wordsmith Aaron’s tonsillectomy was a more complicated throat surgery from which he will be on the mend for quite some time, but is working.

Our source, Dallas Andrew, a gear tech to the band stated the band has had a stark year and a half with devastating personal losses, grueling schedules, and troubling relationships which caused blond bombshell guitarist to post, “If anything, I’m merely a novelty”, a provocative statement, repeated, and enough to double down, having himself mostly removed from his own site, dealing with his exclusive inner circle.  Dallas was emphatic that guitarist decision to remove himself from his site was not entirely his own, that the guitarist had been threatened by someone online to even remove himself from his quiet social media accounts.  The heavily trafficked website is a labyrinth maze with secret areas.  Dallas stated that the band had been completely honest with Aaron referencing this state of affairs’ complexities in his updates and from his understanding the golden boy Shawn had indeed suffered at the hand of some elaborate game playing on the heels of a devastating family loss.  Dallas confirmed that the blond heart throb’s whereabouts were sometimes only known to his exclusive inner circle.  Dallas also confirmed rumors of ongoing stalking incidents leaving the band on high alert.  The rumor mill placed Shawn at a leukemia fund raiser and other events in Manhattan within the last week, Dallas confirmed this adding that he had been extremely quiet and preoccupied.  Asked about the Daniel Lukas controversy, Dallas said that no one in Films Crew to his knowledge has no contact or dealings with the sometimes viral internet sensation, sometimes social engineer hacker, let alone knows who Lukas is and that it was likely the fault of social media hijinks.  Asked if Daniel Lukas’ alleged epic news he was about to drop would affect Films Crew, Dallas remarked that no one in the band would even be aware of it, the band wouldn’t know who that was, and that the band kept people up to date on their news.  We still think it would be wise for Films Crew Band and Aaron to heed Cameron Reyher’s urgings about dealing with Lukas in a less causal manner.

To put the puzzle pieces together, read Aaron’s last few updates, worthy reading material, voice of a generation.  And a pleading video to ShawnZone
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Link to FilmsCrewBand’s and Aaron’s updates with a cryptic video message

Link to Daniel Lukas nonsensical news warnings

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One of the ShawnZone Poster screens for last year’s Films Crew and Peyrony European tour, yum.



By Kurt Parker

While even more rumor and speculation surround the missing blonde bomb shell guitarist ShawnZone, double kick hunk Aaron provides us with yet another massive update with a sense of frustration.  Again delving into the secret sauce of the Films Crew world we never thought we would see, somehow making the enigmatic post metal progressive band all the more mysterious.  Recalling their last performance at CMJ, even the after show being in their presence is a surreal experience as if speaking to a benevolent secret society of benefactors of wisdom, with looks you want to taste.   Aaron finally gives an in depth look at his fascination with the ultra far right extremist hate group the Alt-Right, comparing it to a cult, he gives credit for his talking points to the enigmatic ShawnZone, whom Aaron does more than suggest others get their talking points from, while at the same time Aaron is not pretending he is concerned about ShawnZone’s whereabouts, and you don’t have to read between the lines to find out why as he puts this puzzle together pointing to his last few updates where it all comes together that the heart throb guitarist fell victim to some nefarious plot of an insidious game player, and is now missing, last seen on the panel discussions for NXNE in Toronto.


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Films Crew Band’s chameleon time keeper Aaron gives the state of the union on the dark side of social media’s impact on mental issues and something tells us he wants to name names, and shares the mystery of some of the guitars sexy axe wielder ShawnZone shredded with on the upcoming Films Crew double platter release and some new details on different runs of the vinyl only limited editions.  A Warner rep stated the limited availability will be a larger and more varied pressing than previously thought with a single being pushed throughout Europe.  Aaron treats us to two teasers, Syndrome and Stigmatized, showing that Films Crew’s on target to become amongst progressive metal’s most influential.  We can’t help but wonder of the fate the enigmatic and missing ShawnZone with the rumor mill swirling overtime of a tragic end to the beautiful young guitarist, he is truly one of a kind.  The rim shot wordsmith Aaron again addresses the anomaly of Daniel Lukas downplaying the sometimes viral internet sensation and social engineer’s role in the scheme of things as a source has it that Daniel Lukas is about deal up a blast of epic news, we think Aaron should reconsider his casual approach to Daniel Lukas, and take some advice from Films Crew cohort Cameron Reyher.  To put Aaron’s puzzle together, go back and read the previous entries and follow the links, there’s a lot to learn.

Link to Aaron’s latest update

Link to Films Crew’s Stigmatized


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By Kurt Parker

While rumors abound over Films Crew golden god guitarist ShawnZone’s absence, rhythm master Aaron provides us with a massive update touching on bases we never thought he would address.  Aaron kept most of the article beneath the fold, confirming the band has no involvement with Daniel Corin Lukas, but not by name giving a shadowy depiction of what they are in the dark about, when they should be keeping their eyes on the situation.  The double kick wordsmith has quite the fascination with the not so psychologically sound far right extremist group known as the Alt-Right coupled with the decaying landscape of social media, he’s not having any of it.  Pointing out that Films Crew has 17 tracks recorded, not hinting at a release date for the limited edition platters of the upcoming Stigmatized, but giving a preview of a different version of Crying To Crisis that reaches further into the soul in a masterclass musician’s fevered dream, it’s a pinnacle.  The 17 tracks Aaron teased by the mention of all being written by ShawnZone and Aaron.  The chameleon time machine goes on to detail ShawnZone’s ‘Exile’ of himself online due to an unresolved “ghosting” indicating ShawnZone was as we suspected may have been involved in an emotional hit and run which the band thinks will be resolved, leaving no doubt, it was a certain someone in ShawnZone’s exclusive inner circle, causing the blonde heartthrob to be at the center of the rumor mill as being missing, with an absence on social media, leaving the enigmatic guitarist at the bevy of hot speculation.  Films Crew’s Aaron really takes for a spin in this no holds barred update only adding to Films Crew’s enigmatic status, definitely a worthy read.

Link to Aaron’s two part update

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By Kurt Parker

Films Crew Band may hunkering down as the hunks work on their upcoming release Stigmatized but something else is afoot.  As we noted previously, in covering Daniel Corin Lukas’ presence, a Warner label rep has stated on the record that Lukas is an unknown entity to the band and the label taking us back to out original claims of Lukas’ past of alleged hacking and social engineering, including possible attempts on the band’s website due to an obsessive crush on FilmsCrewBand’s ShawnZone.  While Lukas may have some disjointed proprietary intel on the band, it will not have been gained through proper channels.  We may regret linking to his website, only opting for official word from label reps or the band, should they grant us access, Daniel Lukas has an elaborate puzzle that isn’t easy to decipher, but something is there.  Films Crew’s chameleon hunky drummer Aaron had made reference to the name, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused readers or the band.   Still at issue are Aaron’s dances with words over the lack of ShawnZone’s presence.  The triplet master wordsmith’s indication that the blonde bombshell guitarist’s taking leave from the band was due to well founded emotion turmoil from someone in  his ultra private inner circle, defending but pointing a finger.  Stigmatized is due to be released in limited edition vinyl runs exclusively, likely being sold out before it is ever pressed.  No summer tour dates have been announced at this time, though don’t count Films Crew out for surprise appearances.

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By Kurt Parker

FilmsCrew’s Aaron had scant details on the upcoming Films Crew Band album Stigmatized in an up date on the official website and kind words in a Q & A from listener emails, doing a dance around what we all want to know, where is ShawnZone?  The blonde heartthrob can’t drop off of the face of the earth without notice, and Aaron is more than aware of this in his carefully phrased words.  Aaron raises more questions than he answers, instead the master of the quadruplet dives into the dark side of the political realm criticizing the ultra far right wing extremist Alt-Right, where he himself had been a victim of having nude pics on the fringe cult conspiracy element’s message boards just weeks ago, is he baiting them?  Too many questions.  Not mentioned is Nathan’s return the site or if another war is in the offing between Nathan and FilmsCrew’s Aaron and Levi. Nathan has been known to show up in surprise visits when conflict arises.  Not mentioned is how Danial Corin Lukas’ aka New Borat’s previous mention on the site or his obsession with ShawnZone, can they really be unaware?  Aaron wonders into the weeds trying to explain how the band are not personalities when they have been a swell of the underground rumor mill.  The drumming wordsmith even admitting to the practice of updating his pervious updates creating an air of confusion as to which updates are the latest updates.  Aaron must know mouths are drooling for ShawnZone to return, or is there something more sinister afoot.

Link to Aaron’s Update

Link to Nathan’s Return

Link to  Daniel Corin Lukas’ site

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